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Originally Posted by 2012-1822 View Post
Finally someone with a half a brain.

And I would retitle the discussion cars to OWN before you die. Now that I have the Camaro, that Daytona is it, even in coupe form.

And I turned that video off as soon as he started flapping his hole about any Merc. I mean really who cares. That list sucks anyway, where are the classics?
Haha, thanks for the compliment! I am a die hard Ferrari fan, and always will be of the classics! They are truly enjoyable to drive, so mechanical. I've only driven the 308 out of that list (yes it's the cheapest but still a great car) but can't wait to tackle the rest. Plus, the Ferrari Club of America has some of the nicest car guys around, I have never met a stuck up one. (Oh and I loath Porsche, save the 356b)
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