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Originally Posted by buckeyemike View Post
If you have to wear a website's t-shirt in order to pick up a girl (who is more than likely an attention whore for a bunch of other guys on your forum or whatever the hell it's even called) then you really should work on your social skills, perhaps log off the Chive.

To answer your question - who knows whom is actually using 4chan because it's all anonymous, unless your question is if there are pictures of hot girls on the site. In which case, yes. There's pictures of hot girls on Reddit as well. Oh and on Camaro5. Oh and literally everywhere else on the internet.

There's also hot girls outside.
It's not about wearing a shirt to pick up a girl. It's the same concept as wearing a Camaro5 shirt in public and having someone start talking to you because they're on Camaro5 as well.

But theCHIVE is also one of those things where; if you don't Chive, then you just won't get it.

Not trying to be rude nor anything like that, just how it is.
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