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Originally Posted by sdmaro View Post
I recently went to rotate my tires on my LS late in February. Initially, I would feel the car shake at highways speeds really bad and I figured it was the balancing not done or incorrect or maybe the tread was worn uneven. Well today I received a flat tire and to my surprise the tread was completely worn on one side! I'm thinking the dealership did not balance or align the tires correctly resulting in me having crappy worn tires. Are they going to replace the tires even at 3 months past due. I had absolutely no issues before the rotation and have been going to this dealership since I bought it here at Ron Baker in San Diego. Below are some pictures of the damage, what do I do?

Why did you wait so long? If I felt the shaking back in Feb I would have taken the car back in to get check. I don't think the dealership is going to help you on this one. Even if it was there fault they are going to say "why did it take you 6 months to alert us of the issues."
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