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Originally Posted by Bowtiepower00 View Post
As stated, if you are travelling, throw a glove and/or ball in the trunk too, to eliminate any potential issues.

But yes, AZ has terrific gun laws, Open carry is legal and in less desirable neighborhoods, or while riding motorcycles, it's amazing how well it works at keeping punks and undesirables from even approaching you. Night and day, from my experience. CCW? No problem, for those times you prefer to slip under the radar. Has our crime skyrocketed? Nope, quite the opposite. To quote my neighbor, "I just assume everyone is packing, so I try to stay outta trouble down here..."
And that's actually how it went down in the so-called "wild west". There weren't gun fights everyday at noon, like the Hollywood movies of today would have you believe. People didn't f*ck with other people because EVERYONE was armed, and they were taught how to use guns from 'birth'. Only YOU were responsible for YOUR survival, and those men and women who settled the Wild West were some of the 'baddest' survivalists that ever walked this planet. (they'd put Bear Grylls to shame)
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