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Originally Posted by EMB135Driver View Post
I've decided I'm going to mount a trumpet in my trunk...I don't play the trumpet, and have no interest in the trumpet, but it will do me about as much good as a bat mounted in the trunk will and I want to be different....anyone know where I can get a trumpet painted Imperial Blue Metalic?

It's your car, and in the end your opinion is the only one that matters, but I think most people find this post puzzling because the bat serves no purpose in the trunk. As I said previously unless you're a MLB player the bat in your trunk serves as much purpose as the trumpet I'll soon have in mine.
Here you go smartass

As I previously pointed out, the opening is too small to mount most shotguns, and if I'm going to keep a gun in the car I'd just get a handgun and keep it up front. The bat just made sense. It looks cool, and yes I can beat someones face into the ground with it if I need to. Worst case scenario, I'll look hella badass if I ever go play baseball with my friends.

This was always meant to be a showpiece, just like my car. Not a weapon, not a gun rights post, just me simply asking a question and doing something I thought was cool. Let be real, we've seen people strap way dumber crap to their Camaro's over the last year I've been a member on here.

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