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Dyno results from initial tune(stock heads, 2.95 pulley)

Here is a graph of our second to last pull. Still digging out the last pulls graph but it made like 775/720. Ill be adding the final pull and an overlay of the comparisons to a YSI. All in all, im very happy with the results considering this is one of the stingiest mustang dynos ive seen and im on stock heads at 14 lbs.

PRC 260s will be here friday along with a smaller pulley and ill be retuning next week sometime. 900+ should be fairly easy on the local dynojet

Im extremely excited with the power through the entire curve as its very easy to get caught up on a peak #.

417ci (forged LS3 block 10.4:1 CR)
novi 2200 on a 10 rib
squash e85 system with ID2000's
Mantic twin ( amazing clutch I must say)
alky control
Fast 102
TSP 1-7/8
FSP custom grind 239/251; .623/.623; 114lsa
Farks UCA
PFadt coilovers
DSS axles
DSS driveshaft


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Attached Images
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