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Originally Posted by JayRayMay22 View Post
I think for a lot of people it's been hard work and determination! For me it was a balancing act of full time+ weeks for the past 4 years, fitting in school full time credit load, and smart saving/investments. Bought an eclipse from a friend, fixed it up a bit and sold it for profit. Mostly just Work Work work and mixed in whenever possible!
Plus I was very very lucky to find the deal I got. 2011 with 13.5k, Rs package, plus every other option available and came with winter rims/tires (however I'm hoping to borrow an extra work vehicle most of the winter if I'm lucky) from dealer for 22K. Better deals to be found on here I'm sure. Working in sales probably comes to advantage with swindling and such. Happy to be a part of the forums and look forward to researching and learning more! Already looking around to start the modification process.
my grandpa pass me part of his money so I toke all of that money and invest it in petroleum business and banks and thats was how I could afford my, tuition, home, new camaro ( also, new engine, trans, IRS and body kit for it) and my pet...

invest money is a pain in the but if you know how to do it.. HO HO!

(sorry if its hard to read my English still not good)
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