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Originally Posted by caverman View Post
I would have to see what you mean by completely striped. Is it rounded off? are the threads all boogered up? What is making you say it's stripped?

I would say you need to get with Pete and possibly get another drop link. If it's stripped as in is the threads are all messed up then your going to have to get a new bolt or re-tap that one. Probably easier just to get a new one.

BTW: don't for get to use some blue locktite when putting your bolts on. I had a nut on my drop link back off. The drop link then came out of the bottom of the LCA and jammed up inside the LCA pretty good. Threw off my alignment as well.
Loctite is on everything. Bolt is on the car but just the first 1/4" is salvageable. The rest is essentially smoothed out.
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