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Originally Posted by LimaCharlie View Post
I'm not a suspension expert but sway bars do not change the ride quality of the car.
There is a slight change in ride quality. Bumps that you take one wheel at a time will be taken a bit more firmly. Bumps that both wheels on each axle hit simultaneously you'd likely never notice the difference.

Sways reduce the amount of body roll in turns.
Having your sways on the most aggressive setting will increase the chances of oversteer in turns
This ↑↑↑ .

(which is more desireable than understeer).
But not this ↑↑↑ . Mild understeer is what you really want in most driving, else it can get really sensitive to what you're also doing with the throttle or brakes and won't put the power down well on corner exit. Keep in mind that mild understeer will still feel like oversteer if you're accustomed to moderate understeer.

RWD + too loose = more likely you'll get out of step in a slalom and either spin or DNF that run for going off course. It might well be faster that way if you can keep it under control, but a too loose car too soon will slow the learning curve.

When you're at the autocross, you'll have to use the throttle to help steer the car correctly.
180 pin turns at autocross is the only situation I can think of where you'd need to kick the tail around on the throttle. Otherwise, you want to be able to start using the throttle early because there isn't much length in what passes for "straights" in that activity.

The usual recommendation is to start any tuning effort at the most conservative settings and work up. In this situation, that would be full soft on a rear bar unless you have a sound reason to believe that a medium setting would not be too aggressive for you, individually. Boldfaced because we all drive a bit differently and have different tolerances for loose handling.

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