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Originally Posted by Bmatth1162 View Post
Thanks. I have no problem throttle steering the car, I've learned how to do this with my mustangs (they LOVED to oversteer). What if I ran the front sway bar in the middle setting and the rear sway bar on the stiffest setting? Would this most effectively get rid of understeer while at the same time allowing for some oversteer? Thanks
Probably. You need a little knowledge about how the stiffnesses of the OE bars and your aftermarket bars at the various settings compare to say much more than that. Of both bars. Otherwise, just try it where it's safe to do so and see.

Originally Posted by Bmatth1162 View Post
I do believe you that too rigid of a front sway will cause understeer, but I'm having trouble understanding why? Can you please explain that a little bit? Thanks again
Technically, you're forcing more of the lateral load transfer (incorrectly aka "weight transfer") to happen up front. The bottom line is that this reduces the overall front grip and makes the front slip angles greater. At the same time, you're gaining rear grip and reducing the rear slip angles. All those are understeerish effects.

Originally Posted by 429 View Post
BMR's regular bar isn't super stiff on full hard, its only around 300% stiffer then stock. I'm talking in the 750%+ range like a lot of race bars are, and some drag bars as well.
Drag race rear bars are as stiff as they are (particularly so for stick-axle cars like the Mustang) for a different reason. It still involves front vs rear roll stiffness, but a front to rear balance that works at the drags is so heavily biased toward the rear that it's terrible for good cornering behavior.

Originally Posted by Fraxum View Post
IMO it's a good idea to get used to neutral slowly.
My thoughts precisely.

Originally Posted by sting808 View Post
I have a 2010 SS with 10" 275/40 & 11.5" 315/35 Nitto nt05. My front solid 27mm on soft and rear 32mm(1-1/4") hollow z-spec on hard still bias towards understeer. Can't overdrive it to oversteer without excessive throttle. Depends on what suspension wheel setup people are using and their expectations.

Staggered has a great look and more rear traction, but not so good for technical autox venues. Chose your wheels appropriately before your suspension upgrades. Especially if your getting custom wheel$$$.
This ↑↑↑ .

Slightly downstream from there is that when you try to balance an understeerish tire size effect with a loose (oversteerish) suspension setup you're making the car harder to drive consistently well - see "get used to neutral slowly" above. This is separate from and in addition to having the ultimate steady-state cornering limit set by relatively too-small front tires.

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