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1LE Suspension track pack upgrade versus...

It appears GM Performance has finally released pricing for the 1LE track pack upgrade. It's basically $1500 MSRP. One dealer I spoke to will sell it for about $100 less.

I'd appreciate our resident suspension experts telling me if this is a good deal or if the aftermarket (Pfadt, Pedders, etc.) is a better deal at this price point.

Here is the GM Bill of Materials:

PART # Description Qty
22812942 Front Stab Bar Asm (bar, links, bushing, clamp, nut) 1
22786260 Rear Stab Bar Asm (bar, bushing, clamp, bolt) 1
22761221 Rear Stab Bar Link 2
22812982 Front Strut Asm, LH (strut, spring, mount) 1
22812983 Front Strut Asm, RH (strut, spring, mount) 1
22981391 Rear Shock 2
22922445 Rear Shock Mount, LH 1
22922446 Rear Shock Mount, RH 1
22845487 Rear Toe Link 2
20941932 Rear Cradle Bushing, Front 2
20941933 Rear Cradle Bushing, Rear 2
23102312 Installation Instructions 4

Also will this lower my car?

Will I need to change my wheels to 20x10s on all 4 corners like the 1LE?
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