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Originally Posted by Doc View Post
I particularly liked the part where Al is talking about the Z/28 in racing and says "My hope is that we'll get a series created where this car can compete..."

I had a feeling there was something in the works with the big 3; they aren't spending all this development money creating these kinds of cars just for HPDE weekend events.

so, what cars would be in that series?

1. AMG SLS 563hp 6.2l
2. porsche GT2
3. ferrari 458
4. 2013 bmw m6
5. jaguar f-type
6. camaro 7 liter

those cars would have to do. there is no equivelant ford or dodge. the Z28 is competing against nothing, and is priced too high. i wanted to trade my mustang for one, but i will never pay 70,000 for a camaro of any kind. anyone who does as too much money and is compensating for something. i laugh at the purchasers of this old-rich man car.

its great that they made the car, it's crap that its priced 20,000 too high and belongs to collectors.
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