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continuing torque converter problems

I have been reading about the torque converter problems for a while. I had the torque converter replaced in my Camaro in march 2013. Last month my car started having the same problems again - vibrations and sputtering when shifting gears especially around 40-50 mph. Again the torque converter was replaced. I picked the car up last Friday and that afternoon was still having the same problem. I took it back to the dealer this week. They said it was "still showing the same code"...meaning bad torque converter. They said they would have to call GM to see what they wanted them to do. yesterday I got a call to come get my car as they would no longer pay for a rental for me. They said they were still unable to get ahold of GM and had done no work on my car. Today we get a call saying that this is just normal in this car and nothing was wrong with it. I am not sure what else to do.
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