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Originally Posted by ItsBroke View Post
Just noticed a couple of things about your SS IPT... That's the optional factory blade spoiler correct? Was yours installed by the dealer? I see the SS badging on yours, but mine doesn't have them, so i'm wondering if they should've been installed.

The other thing, your rims are "gun metal" finished right? I've seen them somewhere before but don't recall who makes them.
Mine didn't come with it either. I asked the dealer about it, being that I paid for the SS and RS package. I personally wanted that badge on there. They said they tossed it when doing the install. They were going to send me the badge (for a fee) but I got it cheaper online somewhere.

The Wheels are the "smoked transparent" finish from Forgeline. I think it is a little more variable that the gunmetal in that it can really be quite bright in direct sunlight and dark in the shadows. The sun just penetrates right through the smoked finish and the brushed aluminum under it just shines bright.

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