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Woohoo! Page 2!

Originally Posted by Indpowr View Post
Oh, I agree..Keep it stock. People would not think to look for custom interiors in here.
Bah! put em in here! Plenty of people lookin in here have already bought their car and are just looking for ideas of what to do with it. I just thought a little seperation would be good, didnt want to post em for ya...... and I think if there would have been 1 more picture on that first page I might have killed the server

Originally Posted by len56 View Post
ummmm... i just noticed, where the hell does the front passenger airbag come out of?
It's common for them to not be visible in the dash, they're made to tear the dash open from behind when they deploy (my wife's 6 yr old mazda you can barely see the lines behind where it would tear now), and can come out at the top of the dash (since the front isint a big enough area for it to).

Originally Posted by Mark A Collier Sr View Post
OK I didn't see any TAN interior's. The ARE making them right?? I also saw several two tone interiors. One looked grey and the other looked tan?? it that what they will look like? Anyone have any good intel? Tran, Mole... any word?
Yes, Beige is a two tone style. There are some good pictures in with the red cars. Some of the grey pictures look like they could be beige (some ABM w/ grey picts had me fooled for a bit), but the carpet & headliner on the grey seems to be grey, where with beige it is still black. At least that's what I gathered from going through all the pictures... Could just be picture OD at this point though

Originally Posted by Ferrarimk13 View Post
two tone? you mean the back seats? yes those are the standard grey and beije interiors, and the black just separates it around the actual seats.
The fronts are two tone on beige & grey as well on the sides & back.
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