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So I spent quite a bit of time yesterday checking everything out and can't find anything that looks like a problem. I rechecked all the bolts for tightness, pried and pulled on all the suspension arms, links, etc. Didn't find anything other than what I would expect as normal movement from the bushings. I'm beginning to wonder if I'm just now noticing the pull since I have added my cam, headers, etc earlier this spring. Maybe it has always been there but is more pronounced with the extra power.

There other thought is that perhaps I'm experiencing the toe rods and trailing arms flex/bushing movement. I wish it was in the budget and I'd upgrade them to see if that takes care of the problem.

The only other thing that is odd is I have worn my left rear tire out before the other three, by quite a bit. I'm down to the wear bars yet the right side is still 4/32-5/32" remaining. I'm obsessive about keeping the tire pressure at spec and I don't do a bunch of burnouts, even at the strip... just a quick couple of turns to clean 'em up.

I'm hoping the recent alignment is going to take care of the premature tire wear but I'm still bothered by the pulling.

Any other ideas? Similar experiences?

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