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Originally Posted by Restroom View Post
It doesn't matter how well you brace up the hole you made, the fact is you had to cut through existing solid bodyshell and bigger, more sound roofbracing in the first place. Sure, you could even run braces across the hole on both sides of the glass, but it's not going to function as a unit, meaning you get more chassis flex and stress on either side. Think about the kind of torque this car's going to be making, and without a frame to absorb any of that punishment.

As far as safety goes, I don't mean for a daily-driver. This looks like a car built for the drag strip, and racing officials tend not to like items like that.
whats the hype over a sun roof? Neil likes the open airy feel of a sun roof. His camaro is going to be SHOW CAR that will be a daily driven and some strip use. the camaro's are very well built and can handle a sun roof.

We like to hear your input on our stuff, what would help out is letting us know what you would like to see made for the camaro.

The Camaro we at (SCAP) are going to build is not looking to be a bolt on parts car, Meaning we are going to fab up most of the parts inhouse one off. 95% of the parts we are going to make for our v6 camaro, are not available form the aftermarket. I want to push the envelope on this car! SCAP's camaro is all about PERFORMANCE, no buts
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