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Originally Posted by assasinator View Post
look. you dont get it. i wanted a 427 camaro. i dont care what it is called.
You'll probably have to buy a Z/28, upgrade whatever parts you break, swap out the stuff you don't want, and add whatever features on a DIY basis. Otherwise, the ZL1 is really the Camaro for you.

this handling thing being the focus for a MUSCLECAR is all new. sure the 3rd and 4th gen handled world class for their time, but the focus for prospective owners was never taking it to a road course few would EVER see.
New to many, probably. But it's finally a series-produced car from a U.S. domestic mfr for those who don't appreciate the lack of balance in both "muscle cars" and traditional sports roadsters and smallbore sports coupes. Cars that had good straightline performance were poor in the curves, and the cars that did well in the corners either had poorish acceleration or cost more than a house.

Don't forget that drag racing started at the grassroots level and was fairly well organized before the mfrs got involved. Road course running and autocrossing is no different (just that serious mfr interest there has been delayed by a few decades because those are less visible activities).

give it a cadillac ride and smoothness, backed with 427 cubic inches.
Minus the 427 thing (which gets trumped by 6.2 supercharged liters), see CTS-V.

ford is hadly making any response to the z28. they dont care. never have.
Ford is unlikely to until (unless?) they have something that can seriously challenge the Z/28. When you're late to the party, you'd best have the competition covered.

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