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Originally Posted by assasinator View Post
this handling thing being the focus for a MUSCLECAR is all new. sure the 3rd and 4th gen handled world class for their time, but the focus for prospective owners was never taking it to a road course few would EVER see.
Pro Tour. G-machines. Hottest segment of street machines. For over a decade.

Good Guys shows giving up on drag races, replaced with autocrosses.

Cars that corner and stop as well as they accelerate. A "movement" that started with OEM rear anti-sway bars and disc brakes in the mid-60s.

Ford's announced departure (end '14) from heavily $upported Funny Car program. Apparently, "the force" isn't with them.

And, last but not least, a limited number of LS7s to work with. So, let's build a "COPO-like", high-capability, low volume (therefore NOT "mainstream-priced") ultimate capability cornering Camaro.

We were tipped off, two years ago, right here on camaro5. We just didn't know it, at the time.
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