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Going to Texas for next year is just to far for those of us from Detroit. It's no big deal, since the only fair thing to do is to move it around the country from year to year to eventually give everyone a chance to attend this awesome event.

This year we had about 18 of us on our Camarovan down to Indy. Driving to Texas is a bit much for us, but we've already thought of pooling our money together to rent a car hauler for Texas. Then we could fly down, meet up with the cars and hit the fest.

Yes it would be more expensive, but if you figure the money we'd spend on gas driving both ways, plus the added cost of taking two days to get there, two days back with the hotel rooms needed just on the trip down & back along with the extra day we'd have to take off work, etc, it might not cost all that much more.

I've been to the Fest this year and last, and had an absolute ball both years.!!!

I want to thank EVERYONE involved with putting such an awesome event together. It takes a LOT of time and effort to do, and I thank you all for doing it.

Maybe, just maybe some year it'll come to the Motor City, DETROIT!
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