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Originally Posted by Fraxum View Post
+1 IMO the Goodyears are a big part of the 1LE. OP what tires are you running?

My 2011 SS had a full suspension work over with no dive, zero rear stepout, zero wheelhop, and neutral cornering but with the stock Pirellis. The 1LE with a little stepout, some wheelhop, a little understeer, and despite all that feels better planted than my '11. I feel more confident in the corners, but I have not tracked the 1LE yet.

Switching over from the modded '11 SS to the 1LE I did feel a difference. Not night and day, but noticeably better balanced.

Could it be the tires?
Humm, maybe, I've run the Pirelli'S to the bare rubber on my square setup 275/40R20 with about 9 track days and I have to admit there were good, well balanced tire. I could get them to perfrom with only 32-33 psi hot.
This year I have the Nitto NT05 275/40R20 x4 and track the car 5 times. They are more sticky and needs to run at a higher temp about 38 to 40 psi hot. Otherwise the sidewall ''collapse'' on hard braking and get the feeling you' in the Flinstone Rolling with 4 square tires!! lol

Data wise they both hit 1.04G lateral on my stock SS suspension

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