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Lol forgot about the top problems. Lol

Just got my car back today. Not even washed and incredibly a lot worst than after the damage( I just had it detailed for $130 an hour before bringing it to get my dash thing replaced) and filled her up, and they give me back 1/2 tank of freakin gas.. Look at the steering wheel picture. This is when the car is driving straight. Lol are you kidding me. They crash my car, and never even looked or went for a test ride. How can you give a car back to sometime like this. I can't believe what I'm dealing with.. They scratched the hell out of my leather seat trim, there is a small razor blade cut on my gear shifter from when they did the this was a BRAND NEW car.
Oh yeah, they used bondo to fill the hole and smooth out the entire side, instead of replacing the bumper, the rim looks to be a different color. There is a dent, A freaking dent right on the line where they did the repair!! Schumacher auto on northlake blvd in florida. You should be ashamed. Truly ashamed for the service you provided throughout.
LOLOLOL and even funnier I was told from this site from 2 different GM reps that someone would get back to me. Yep one person did, they said well mr Wollman. I spoke to the dealership and they said they fixed the car to our standards, what else more do you want... There is nothing else we can do..ARE YOU KIDDING ME!!!!!!!!Still waiting for the other gm rep to call me back that said he would call back today at noon. Noon has passed SIR!
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