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Originally Posted by assasinator View Post
look. you dont get it. i wanted a 427 camaro. i dont care what it is called.

this handling thing being the focus for a MUSCLECAR is all new. sure the 3rd and 4th gen handled world class for their time, but the focus for prospective owners was never taking it to a road course few would EVER see.

give it a cadillac ride and smoothness, backed with 427 cubic inches.

ford is hadly making any response to the z28. they dont care. never have.
How do I not get it when you clearly have no idea what the Z/28 is.

1) The Z/28 was built to run in Trans Am ROAD racing
2) The Camaro was a pony car, not a muscle car. Now that it weighs 2 tons, it doesn't fit the pony car class.
3) Buy an SS and drop in a 427.

I get it, you clearly don't. This is the Z/28 forum. If you don't like the Z/28, why post here?
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