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Originally Posted by 2012REDSS View Post

Block? ERL Modified SuperdeckI LS3
CI? - CR? 429 CI, 9.7/1 Compression ratio
Crankshaft? Callies Dragonslayer dowled main caps
Rods? Hybrid H/I beam, no longer made
Pistons? JE coated custom made
Rings? IDK
Heads? Ported LSA
Cam? Comp cams Custom Grind
Timing Chain? C5R I think
Oil pump? Melling
Aftermarket Dampner? No
Anything else: All ARP fastners with over sized head studs....

Type? Precision Turbo's, PTE 76/75 .96 A/R CEA Billet wheels, ball bearing mid frame center section, "H" cover and T4 Hot side. 12 lb springs for when the controller is turned off... Tial blow off valve, and precision waste gates
Modifications (pulleys, boost controller, etc)AMS 1000 Boost controller

Pump? Dual Pump Lingenfelter in the bucket, running wide open all the time to fill a surge tank. The excess dumps back to tank. From there a Weldon External pump feeds the rails via a boost sense regulator so a 1/1 ratio is kept within the manifold air pressure to fuel pressure. At no boost, fuel pressure is 60 psi... at 25 lbs of boost, fuel pressure is at 85 psi. The Weldon runs at slow speed until 1 lb of boost is felt, then it ramps to high speed via a hob switch...
Injectors? 127 lb/hr
Meth? No Meth, Nitrous at 150 shot to spool the turbos faster....

Headers? Custom hand made stainless turbo manifolds, then exiting the turbos, we have a 3.5 inch downpipe either dumping to the ground for racing or out the back through a 3" stainless system from magnaflow... full mufflers...
Cats or No Cats? I'm allergic to them.. no cats...
Cat back? 3" magnaflow
Cut outs? Removable flange blocks for racing right off the down pipes...

What was the goals for the engine hp/tq wise? Current numbers is you have them and would like to share.
When we get it all back together, we will be well north of 1000 rwhp.... we were at roughly 1550 with spray in March at the mile when I blew up two turbos... hence going back in with the bigger turbos...

I also have a stand alone nitrous system with a 240 liter/hr walbro pump within the 1.5 gallon tank used to mix with the nitrous... I have dual 15 lb nitrous bottles in the trunk with heaters.

All this and the supporting mods allow me to cruise around with 900+rwhp on the streets.... add in C-16 racefuel and turn the boost controller on and htfo....

Supporting mods...

One off custom built TR6060 with billet gears 1st through 5th...
Nine Inch with Strange center section, and a wavetrack diff, 3.07 gears
Pedders XA supercar coilovers and all associated bushings and bars...

Someone mentioned the cost of these builds... build a budget and then at least double it and that's if nothing breaks... It was also mentioned that the cost is high... I said before I have more under the hood than most Camaro owners have on rubber... It's just the cost of running a super big build car.... I will say to be reasonable with the goals.... This is now my third motor, (factory, blown one and my new one) 6th trans before we could get one to shift... mine has an internal shift mech rather than the floating external mech that comes with the cars... 4th driveshaft, third clutch... factory, and then the first aftermarket clutch I bought sucked... turbos 7 and 8... first two lasted less than a week... mismatch on the oiling orifice fittings, the third and 4th lasted a year, and we upgraded them, then blew them up overspinning them, and my new turbos are just going in the car....

Let me finish by saying my car has been and remains a test bed.... My builder and I collaborate on every step... The recommendations are his and when it's dicey, the final decision is always mine....though occasionally he will refuse to do something... my goals exceed the build sometimes...he brings me back to earth... Every component that has failed other than the first two turbos was my call... At the Texas Mile, I made a pass, pushed some water through the head gasket, and I decided to go ahead and turn the bottle on for another pass... to set the record... We already had the new heads at the shop being ported... Well, that pass cost me a motor and heads... and still didn't set the record... again, my call...

As mentioned, if going all out, plan a budget and double or triple it... Power not on the ground is wasted... and broken cars that cant be fixed financially are tough to swallow....

My car is not built for drag racing though we do that occasionally for fun.. It's built for land speed runs.... well in excess of 200 mph....
If the car feels like it is on rails, you are probably driving too slow. -Ross Bentley

Horsepower is how fast you hit the wall.
Torque is how far you take the wall with you.

“If everything seems under control, you're just not going fast enough.” Mario Andretti

If you can turn, you ain't going fast enough...
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