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Here's another engine that I have sitting disassembled, built for 750 wheel. Kind of like a nice DD blown motor, nothing too serious, but it will hold a decent amount of power.

Block: LS3/L99
CI: 376
CR: 10.0:1
Crankshaft: Stock Nodular Crank, needs main studs to reduce flex.
Rods: K1 lightweight H Beams, ARP hardware
Pistons: Wisecos, gas ports not needed.
Rings: Wiseco Rings
Heads: LS3 4 bolt heads, ARP studs, inconel exhaust valve recommended.
Valves/Springs: PRC Dual springs
Cam: Lingenfelter GT9 cam is a great driving cam, and doesn't bleed off boost.
Timing Chain: Cloyes Hex-a-just
Oil pump: Melling High volume
Aftermarket Dampner: ATI Rib count depends on blower used. Maggie I recommend 8.
Anything else: If using a turbo, a set of the ZR1 sodium filled exhaust valves would be great.

Keeping the stock stroke makes the crank and rods less susceptible to failure. The angles that the rods are exposed to are less aggressive. Pistons do better with the 3.622 stroke as well. I wouldn't go more than 5 thou over on the cylinder walls either.
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