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Originally Posted by 2SS45th View Post
Yep, my 416 for instance is way too much motor for the Maggie, 376 is the sweet spot for that blower. 408 is probably the biggest a 1500 could handle.
Gotcha. Also something I was considering is what are people doing to beef up their motor to take a shot of nitrous on top of the blower? I guess also at what point do you consider an iron block over an aluminum block. I mean for me and cost I was thinking of dropping the LSX 376 B15 as I don't think my novi can crank out anymore than the 15lbs of boost its rated for. It was making 15.3lbs maxed out on my LS3. But would it even make power with the compression vs my LS3 now.

I was leaning right now honestly to a 408 LQ9 Block. Something I can re-use my stock heads. I know your adding more weight over the nose to an already heavy car but I think its worth it for strength? I've also been contemplating selling the novi and buying the motor. Perhaps twin turbo.
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