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Originally Posted by blake-b View Post
22#. Centris are peaky and I wanted something with a broader yet high horsepower power band. I'm already thinking (much like chess) of two engines beyond this one. I told them I wanted a setup I won't have to buy turbos for again. There is a small chance the S261s will be traded up for something else also.

I am pretty sure I would not have sent the car for turbos if I had know it made that kind of power. Well, it is too late now!

It should be readily apparent I am compensating for something very small in my life...
Nice. I guess thats running out the YSI full steam. Turbos you'll have so much room to grow. I'm running a 1500 novi now and yeah the power is all upstairs thats why we have the juice on it to get it going. One of these days I'd like to get a ride in a twin turbo car feel the difference.

Yeah a bit too late but who cares it'll most likely come out with more power with the turbos haha. What are you running for a trans?
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