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Originally Posted by assasinator View Post
look i was there. i remember... and I know numbers matching Z28's. i know exactly what they are meant for. i also know the name was used and a 350 was put in them later. (why, i have no idea).

this is a fauxe Z28. you wanna talk historical. ok, let's...

z28 should be LIGHT, have a 5 liter engine with 400hp. no frills, no nav, no 427, no irs, none of this stuff the fauxe Z28 is gonna hve.

chevrolet built a 427 hammer to bludgeon a 5 liter BOSS. just, there is no boss anymore.

call it a 427 camaro, and call it quits.the new car is NOT a the original iteration.

you bring up the original intent, not me. the 69 427 camaros were epic.
Oh my! You may have been there, however time has warped your perception.
1. Original 1Gen Z/28's were NO lighter than other Camaros.
2. Original 1Gen Z/28's had engines sized for racing in the Trans Am series (as rules changed in the series engine size changed) the fact is the Z/28 required a higher-revving engine for road-racing just like the SB 427.
3. Original 1Gen Z/28's could be ordered with EVERY option, but AC and an automatic.
4. Original 1Gen Z/28's had superior (for its day) suspensions modified from a regular Camaro. Today's Z/28 has a superior suspension based on a regular Camaro.
5. Chevy already beat both Boss's with the 1LE - they didn't build the Z/28 to do it.
6. Yes the 1969 427 Camaro's were awesome, however the 2014 is on a much much higher level. BTW, Did you know in 1969 there was a ZL1-Z/28?

In closing the 2014 Z/28 is every bit a Z/28 in its original intent. A road-racing Camaro built with superior performance and handling capabilities.
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