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Oddly enough, I had the same issue when I picked up my car at the dealer tonay after getting the oil changed (2010 with 2000 miles on it, but I just bought it 2 weeks ago.). It gave the same message when I started it. It also cranked slow. I notified the service writer and he got a tech to take it into the shop and he brought it back a few minutes later. He said it was a low voltage problem with the battery and to take it for a drive. So after supper i take it for a one hour drive and pull into the beer store on the way home. I come back and it just gives me a bunch of relay chatter. The vehicle then went in to battery saver mode. Lights were dim, but the radio turned itself on , i suppose to keep me company???? WTF? So, i call Onstar for a boost and it starts fine. FACK!!!!! So, i drive it home and check it out...Voltage as measured on the battery: running: 14.48v, engine off, 12.86vSimilar voltages noted on the boost terminal under the hood.Started it up again no problem. I suspect a bad battery, but who the hell knows? I placed my battery tender for my Harley on it and will attempt to get it to the dealer tommorow.
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