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Originally Posted by assasinator View Post
look i was there. i remember... and I know numbers matching Z28's. i know exactly what they are meant for. i also know the name was used and a 350 was put in them later. (why, i have no idea).
SCCA relaxed the engine rule to permit 5.0L engines derived from production car engines of other displacements. IIRC, Pontiac even met the 5.0L limit with a really short stroke (2.8") version of their 400/428/455 engines (Google "Pontiac 303", which never existed as a production engine). So there actually is precedent for Trans-Am-legal engines being sourced from engines whose displacement numbers are associated with "big blocks".

z28 should be LIGHT, have a 5 liter engine with 400hp. no frills, no nav, no 427, no irs, none of this stuff the fauxe Z28 is gonna have.
The fact that the 5th gen isn't light (and the 6th gen still won't be light enough) puts you in the position of needing more displacement. That you have a problem with the IRS leads me to suspect that you'd also be opposed to DOHC, so you'd still be into the over-5.0 displacement thing for at least a liter and a half - you need more than 6.2L just to get clear of the SS/1LE level. At least for the short run, you might as well use the 7.0 that you already do have.

i have a right to display disappointment in being left out. i wanted a DAG-blamed 427 factory camaro i can never get. yes im on the right forum to post an opinion about the 2014 Z28. all of my posts are relevant just not ones you personally like.
Perhaps now you've had a glimpse of what it's like to be a corner-carving enthusiast, when the vast majority of emphasis on automotive performance is devoted to big power and straight line acceleration.

Don't expect a ton of sympathy now that the shoe is on a different foot.

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