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Okay so here is my maiden track voyage review.

My initial feeling is where the OEM SS suspension limited the car in braking & turn ins & outs, now it’s the Tires that limits it.

There is just not enough of it to match the 1LE suspension. I feel that it needs more rear rubbers with the 1LE, I'm dealing with a lot more snap oversteer out of each corner in 2nd gear now. It might have been because of cold tires but when hot, it still feels like the back is not following the front like it did before turning in. I'm running square setup 275/40R20 Nitto NT05.

The car is a lot more tight everywhere, I can get in an apex faster and come out faster but I need more time to feel assured and knowing the limits. Where I could dump the throttle just coming out of the Apex, now I need to muster it or wait to finish the turn out to dump it or stay in 3rd to avoid it.

The front sway bars works very well. No more lift or let’s say 50% less of it. Same with lateral movement, It’s greatly reduced. The front end bites so much more now, it’s going to be fun to attack the Brake In zone into the Apex. The limits has been raise quite a lot, near 25 % of stiffness.

I have run over a few humps and the car is a lot less upset, the damping takes good take of it. Before I was moving a lot more up and down and the suspension just couldn’t carry the speed anymore where now; you are gliding over it.

I feel that, I was not able to improve track times because it’s really a new car, different and need to learn it’s limits again. Off course with a bit more track time we will tell the whole story.

I think the 2013 1LE track success is mostly because of the wider wheels and gripper tires.

With 1LE track pack:

OEM SS suspension:

Track Day Videos:
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