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Originally Posted by kevinw View Post
dave, i am looking at the V6 myself as i want better mileage as daily driver. as you live in boston, i live in kansas city, and we get snow. for a vert, i wonder if that will be a maint. issue. my wallet, i can afford a 2014 1lt vert or 2lt coupe, however, there are some 2lt verts that are 2013 with gm rebate that may be in my range, on top end. i dont want RS, i want all season tires too. i dont need 400 hp as i dont know where you could use it, speed limt here is 70, and the v6 will do that. unless you are going to race the car, the power to me seems like overkill. but to each his own.
My wife and I decided we would keep our little Aveo as a commuting / spare car. It's dirt cheap to run and maintain. So the snow is a non issue. I also have access to my mother-in-law's AWD car as she stays at our house all week to watch our two twins.

You kind of nail it with the 'two each his own'. I can't tell you what to get. Just make a list of what you want. I made a list of 'Must haves' and a list of 'Would like to haves'. Must have for me was 8cyl, vert, and black.
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