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Originally Posted by Phorecyte View Post
I'm reading about the 2.9L Whipple S/C and it says it can push 550-600whp on a stock LS3 motor. The kit comes with upgraded injectors and i guess a fuel rail/fuel rail mod of some kind, but it clearly says those HP numbers can be attained on a completely stock LS3, has anyone on here achieved these kind of numbers on a stock motor, and if so, was it reliable? Did any parts break as a result? J/W, all these folks get all kinds of engine parts w/o a S/C and only get around 450whp, seems like getting a whipple would give me everything I want without having to install all kinds of other parts.
I read similar claims from mutiple vendors ...530 RWHP on a Stock L99

However , my suggestion is to contact Whipple direct,
what I was told 18 months ago by the Whipple Rep was 440-460 on an L99
and 490-510 on a LS3 .

Before headers I was at 456 ...From a reputable installer.
After Headers and a Pulley change I am at 505 and 8-9 lbs boost.
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