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Originally Posted by Fiftydriver View Post
I fully understand that this was not a block issue as you have explained very well.

My question is if there is actually a block out there that would have handled this BETTER then the LSX? From my understanding, the LSX, from a shear strength stand point is about the top of the pile.

Curious what the damage would have been with one of the top end aluminum blocks if the same thing occurred?

I an NO WHERE REMOTELY near anything you guys are at power wise, never will be but I understand your attitude, when you push the limits things break and when you push as hard as you guys are pushing, its not uncommon at all. Just part of the price to play the game, unfortunately a spendy part of the game.

Again, just curious if you think the LXS block handled the head lift as well as any other block would have. ITs amazing to think about an LSX block and heads lifting, WOW!!!
I don't think it would have mattered what kind of block it was. When the heads lifted it filled with water and hydro locked. Anytime this happens stuff is going to break.
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