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Originally Posted by Zfatuated View Post
Thanks for posting the link. Wow, great stuff.

Having some personal experience with adjustable dampers, I'll note the suspension is not user tunable/adjustable, his comment in the video was to point out how the spool-valve design allows for high and low speed tuning (non- user adjustable, factory calibration), which gives both good wheel control on track (banging rumble strips) without destroying around town ride (road imperfections).

In fact, Jay noted in the video it "gives a nice compliant, firm ride". To me this means they didn't kill the ride with high spring rates, they chose instead to do the right thing and use good dampening. All things being equal, soft springs mean better tire grip to the extent you can tolerate the body roll. Kudos again to the engineers for going this route.

Another tidbit, "80 mph you're barely turning 2000 rpm" comment means obviously that 6th gear is an OD ratio. That's actually a good thing if you are driving the car to/from the track, otherwise you'd be looking at terrible gas mileage and greatly increased engine wear. I've driven close ratio gearbox cars for long distances and the noise and fuel mileage while turning 3000-3500rpm at 80 mph is miserable.

So, 1500 per year, that is the first time I've heard "limited production" from an official source. At the release they said no limits, so that is an officially new revelation. 1500 is a bunch of Camaros compared to say GT2RS/GT3RS 4.0 at 500 cars each worldwide, but still a "limit" will be creation of scarcity and scarcity is a primary determinant of value, so dealers will be adding markups. If you are a serious Z/28 buyer you'd better sign a purchase order now noting your price or don't come whining about getting gouged.

The idle at approx 12:00 sure sounds nasty (in a good way).
Soft springing and good damping was the classic philosophy of Colin Chapman back in the day when his Lotus Formula 1 cars were dominating championships. The fact they went with this philosophy and Jay mentions it shows just how serious they are about this being a true track car.

I really wish they hadn't announced a production limit because that's now a license to gouge for the dealers. I wonder how many will automatically order their allotment with a/c and sound system because they can charge the maximum that way? It might be nearly impossible to get one without those unless you order it; and you'll probably have to order it early before the dealers fill up the allotments with what THEY want which is a limited production model for price gouging. Even if they planned on a limited production they should have just kept that confidential to prevent dealer gouging.

Unless you can buy from a good dealer who doesn't gouge, there's now no chance of getting one for less than $70k; even if the MSRP is in the low $60k range. And unless they believe you're a serious buyer, I'm guessing there's no chance of even getting a test drive either.

I thought it was interesting that Al mentioned the paint was a 40% gloss white; that's good to know because if anyone wants that look they can have a paint shop do a 40% gloss clear over whatever factory color they get.

I have a feeling 1,500 a year isn't going to be NEARLY enough... the demand is going to be far greater than that... just within the Camaro community itself, not even considering those outside the community who are going to want one.

Beautiful car... looks great, sounds great, goes great.... you can't ask for better than that.

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