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Originally Posted by Zfatuated View Post
...So, 1500 per year, that is the first time I've heard "limited production" from an official source. At the release they said no limits, so that is an officially new revelation. 1500 is a bunch of Camaros compared to say GT2RS/GT3RS 4.0 at 500 cars each worldwide, but still a "limit" will be creation of scarcity and scarcity is a primary determinant of value, so dealers will be adding markups. If you are a serious Z/28 buyer you'd better sign a purchase order now noting your price or don't come whining about getting gouged...
I don't know if this is a limit, or Al simply saying they'll build around 1,500 because that's how many he thinks they'll sell. I tend to think it's not formally limited, but I don't have a lot of knowledge regarding how Chevy historically handles this sort of thing...
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