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Raleigh NC

Hey has anyone happened to see vin # 21157 at Hendrick auto mall in cary? its an IOM/IO int 2SS/RS 6m car and i have actually already paid for it, im being told by the dealer that their was a "recall" and he isnt able to release it to my wife yet, (im in iraq so i cant get it myself wife is supposed to get it for me) im just worried that dealer has it sittin on the showroom floor or in the lot for every tom dick and harry to fool with, this is my car that i have already paid for and just worried that the dealer is trying to pull in buisness with it since im not there to take it, the reason im suspicious is the supposed recall is the "shifter"...havent heard anything about that at all and neither has anyone else to my knowledge...if anyone has been by there and seen the car any information would be awesome, Thanks
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