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Originally Posted by markgws6 View Post
The first 30 miles or so I did not do any full throttle starts (from a stop) or burnouts but still drove moderately. Then I drove it aggressively for about 75 miles never doing the same speed slow or fast. Several 5/8 throttle runs to about 4500 RPM or so. Then I'd let it cool. Then went out again and did more runs to about 5000 RPM till about 200 miles or so. And then after that went to the track (road course) at about 450 miles and really opened her up but still not to 6000 maybe 5000-5500. My car seems to be pretty quick now but have not been to a dyno yet. I also did the fuse pull at about 200 miles and I did not notice any power increase at the first tank refill. Might try that again but I think my car has been pretty good so far. I do notice it shakes pretty good when at idle but it seems that is normal? I will change the oil soon at 1000-1200 miles.
My idle didn't really get to where it wouldn't miss until about 5K miles. I reseated the airbox and tube, but my theory is that the factory gets sloppy with the dielectric grease in the sparkplug boots, and it takes that long to run off the connections. I pulled a boot off and the green goo was caked all over the sparkplug.
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