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Engine bay cleanup update!! So I finally phased out this project and jumped in. I'm currently sitting at phase 6. Hopefully I'll have everything buttoned back up and cleaned up in a week or two and actually get some proper photos taken.

Phase 1 - Take over garage and build a spray booth
Phase 2 - Install heater hose relocation kit
Phase 3 - Flip fuel rail, set aside to polish, and remove plenum cover
Phase 4 - Paint plenum and fuse box covers
Phase 5 - Remove coils and paint
Phase 6 - Install valve covers with coil relocation kit installed
Phase 7 - Finish wiring harness dress-up, install plenum cover
Phase 8 - Finish fuel rail flip and install a few additional hose hiders and dress-ups ie evap lines

Phase 1

Phase 2 -
Heater hose installed. I used JDP's install DIY and it was spot on!! I fully recommend this mod and their DIY. I spent more time draining the fluid than I did actually installing the new hose.

Phase 3 -
Pulled the fuel rails off and set them aside. JDP's DIY was spot on for this mod as well. Very easy.

Phase 4 -
I used sandable primer and smoothed out the fuse box and plenum cover. I still need to clear everything but they came out better than I could have hoped.

Phase 5 -
Coils came off nice and easy. I hung them and sprayed. I took the opportunity to start dressing up the wiring harness with friction tape and split loom sheathing. Once everything is installed I will finish wrapping. That way there isn't any unsightly gaps in the loom from twisting it around to connect everything back in.

Phase 6 -
I hit a road block last night on this one. I noticed the valve covers and my coil relocation kit aren't made to be used with each other. I didn't want to relocate the coils to the back of the block or to the rails so I had to drill and tap the valve covers to install the coil bracket. More to come...
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