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It's a Synergy thing..
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Originally Posted by Macina View Post
Beautiful story.. Really nice to read something like this instead of so many other "hard" threads... Beautiful!
I was getting a little tired of hearing people's opinions about tail lights, myself.

Originally Posted by brengeek View Post
Even more honored to have been a part of this. Where's the Kleenex???
Yeah, I never would have got those last pictures, had it not been for you grabbing me and telling me to start snapping pics.

Originally Posted by 2012-1822 View Post
Very cool story.

Reminds me of a long story that's going to get shortened.
Went to a test and tune at local drag strip. After a few runs a guy comes up and says "it's my sons 17th bday, what would it take to get you to take him down the track." My response was "nothing, get in." I let him keep the time slip of course.

Point is kids love Camaros. Mine is black so they don't call it Bee, but definitely just need to embrace it if you have one.
If I had handed my story to my English 101 teacher she probably would have read it, handed it back and said "Great story! Now start cutting."

Yours is a great example of telling the most with the least. I'll bet that kid's dad was a hero after getting him that ride. Very cool!

Originally Posted by z28-conv View Post
It made me rethink the way that I see things and share this passion I have for our mutual "Friend" with others. I hope that I have a chance to make somebody's day in a similar way in which you did.

You will.

The catch is that you may never know the good you've done. But don't let that stop you. I just got lucky enough to have people around to point me in the right direction to see what was happening. I hope you will have that same luck too!
It's a Camaro thing...
Not everybody who drives a Camaro "gets it"...But everybody that "gets it", drives a Camaro! -GG

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