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Wow!!!! I just don’t know what to say but I’m gonna try.

First and foremost lets not take away from the reason behind this event, Fisher House. Whether you agree with the reasons our military goes where it goes and does what it does is irrelevant. These folks go where they are told and risk their lives daily so we can enjoy the lives we live. With that said I would like to publicly thank all former, current, and future members of our country’s armed services for providing the daily freedoms we all too often take for granted. Without you, there wouldn’t be this very forum I am posting on today. Maybe next time there can be a way to identify you so I can thank you in person.

My name is Tim; I am the father of that wonderful boy in the pictures. In April of this year I was struck down with an enormous amount of pain and endless vomiting that have plagued me on a daily basis since. I have visited countless doctors, surgeons, and specialist running every test you can imagine and a few you probably can’t. At first, we thought I had the flue but the symptoms never went away and I began losing weight at a remarkable rate ( I began at 250 and am now <180) the rapid weight loss carried its own list of issues and I currently take both pain and nausea medications to control symptoms and prevent the hospital visits we were making to try to stop the gut wrenching vomiting. To date my longest episode has lasted more than 72 hours and each time is worse than the last. The weight is still falling just a little slower than the 10 pounds a week I was losing without it. I have been off work all this time trying to survive and take care of a family of 5 on the meager $300.00 a week my short term disability policy pays (that’s less than a days wages if I was able to work). Needless to say I live with daily stress and concern for my family. As of this post whatever is causing this is unknown and all of the tests indicate there is nothing wrong save a mildly elevated white count, yet the source has not yet been discovered. All that said I have been doing my best to create memories for my children that will last long after I am gone should things not work out in my favor. Tim Jr. my son was diagnosed with Autism very early on and we have learned the triggers and how to deal with them and he has come a long way and is quite the amazing child. He is very outgoing and friendly and always makes me smile. This all started as Gary said with a simple “how ya doin?” from his wife and my asking if Timothy could “meet” her car knowing this would leave him with a fun memory that would last forever. When she told me about the fundraiser it was more than I could ever ask for, a in-your-face testament to the saying “all things happen for a reason “ upon our arrival Maggie stopped what she was doing grabbed my sons hand and off they went to meet “Bumblebee” I can honestly say that was the happiest day of his life. The day was amazing and in no way was it supposed to be about me, this was just a father wanting to make sure he left his son with some memories he would always cherish. Gary has pretty much covered the rest of the day and I can’t thank Mya May enough for what she did, what may have seemed like a small act at the time impacted me and my family in a way I could never imagine. Its little things like that that make me smile even on the worst of days, thank you so much. My deepest thanks and gratitude to all of you for helping me create the most amazing memory ever. You truly are an amazing group of people and made us feel like we belonged and were part of your very special family. Gary and Maggie, thank you from the bottom of my heart that car has allowed you to bring joy to so many, maybe one day I will be able to park along side that beautiful machine and join you in bringing such joy and happiness to someone’s life. No matter what life throws your way remember that day and the smiles and joy you brought to that little boys life when everything around him seemed to be falling apart, for that day, you made him the happiest boy on earth. I will never be able to thank you enough.
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