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Originally Posted by Blackjacket86 View Post
I'm wanting to lower my RS an inch to clean up the lines and lower my center of gravity, but I'm curious about changing out the stock sway bars. I'm by no means an aggressive driver and tend to drive for fuel economy (hence the V6). I do plan on some horsepower gains in the future only because it's impossible for me to keep things stock. At what horsepower level would changing out your sway bars be recommended and what benefits have you all seen from changing them?
Like everyone else said you don't have to be an aggressive driver to enjoy the benefits of a good set of aftermarket sway bars. The benefits can be seen on a completely factory car. You will notice a much more sure and responsive feel from the car with considerably less body roll. We offer the BMR sway bars (SB030) by themselves and also in a package with lowering springs.

If there is anyway we can help you out let me know.

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