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What do are you looking for the clutch to do? Do you want stock feel or does it matter?

If you don't mind a more firm pedal feel, ACT twin is good for 800hp, but it is firm and can be a PITA to setup so it doesn't chatter and get a a consistent engagement.

If you want lighter than stock pedal pressure, McCloud RXT is bitch'n. You can reuse the factory flywheel, but I'd upgrade to the steel flywheel so it will perform the best. The factory flywheel has a larger center indention that the steel flywheel from McCloud doesn't have so it gets a better mount.

The ACT runs about $850 and the RXT can run up to $1200. I'm at 620rwhp with the ACT and a buddy with the same setup has the RXT. Both hold the power, but I like the RXT much better than my ACT.

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