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Originally Posted by Orange Crush 1LE View Post
Nice job, tied for fastest of the day with a modded ZR1 no less!

Interesting that the spring rates feel about the same as stock. Any issues with jounce with the reduced suspension travel?

Curious on your thoughts on why you chose your alignment specs? I went with -2.0 deg front camber, -1.1 deg rear. I realize tires may wear out more quickly, but I'm tracking a couple of times a month for the next couple of months, so I went aggressive camber.

Looking forward to your return to Grattan.

Good times!
No issues with Jounce or the reduced travel. However my 9 year old just told me a few minutes ago that the ride in te Camaro has gotten bouncier. .

Alignment was for two reason. I had -1.3 pre Pedders and I don't fully understand the black art of suspension but with a reduced travel I thought I could use a tad more up front. So -1.6 was picked.

The rear was not by choice. I wanted -1.0 but the best we could get without camber bolts was -1.3/.4 on the left rear, so I went with that. No other reason. I do have bolts now sitting on my work bench but u am undecided what direction to go and I am leaving it for at least 2 more weeks.

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