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Car is back and running strong

********The RPM 4L80e lvl 5 trans is working perfectly with the PCS controller. drivability is perfect. car or trans doesn't get hot, even sitting in traffic. shifts strong. its really nice not having the car constantly shifting up and down all the time.

I will have to relearn how to launch the car. on the old 6l80 with the 3200 converter. the first gear was so violent I just launched the car at idle and it would cut mid 1.5 60's. now first gear isn't nearly as violent and with the new converter I can literally foot brake the car to 3500 rpm. so I will have to spend the next couple times at the track working out what the tires will hold.

the nitrous outlet kit is also working great. I have it set up on a button and soon as I get going in first I press it and leave it on thru the pass and shifts.

I put a 3.5" pulley on the whipple. the car is really liking the extra boost, but it is not happy about the 6 rib set-up. it will DESTROY a belt in about 10 full passes. so im going to see how far I can push the 6 rib set-up then switch to a 10 rib.

the squash fuel system and lines look and function perfectly.

the same for the alky control meth system and the DSS driveshaft.

I will throw some pics up here in alittle bit.
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