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Originally Posted by VChula View Post
The front windshield was repaired this afternoon.

My insurance adjuster is now flip-flopping as to whether it will be a collision or comprehensive claim.

Oh, and after closer inspection, there are even more rock hits/scratches on the front bumper, hood, roof, side mirrors, trunk, upper front and rear fenders and upper side of the doors.

I will contact the Oklahoma Department of Transportation to get an actual location of where the repaving crew was on July 29.
Good grief, man...

I read everything and was like, "could it really be that bad?" Then I looked down at the pix. HOLY CRAP that's horrible...

I wouldn't ever want to have to try to clean all of that.

Yeah...comprehensive coverage would be the only way to go. I can't believe they left the roads like that... I feel they should be responsible for those damages. NOT YOU nor your insurance.
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