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Originally Posted by TCAT View Post
Yep, that's more than fair man. Be VERY careful who you have tune your car. There are a lot of tuners out there that claim to tune LS motors well, but don't. Anyone can make power, but can they make it safely is the question.
Everything you have said i think is good advice. Personally I just went with springs and didn't deal with the tru boost. For you Lio I would do the same, not to disrespect but you should probably just get a good tune to go with whatever boost level you decide to go with. Otherwise you'll be dealing with many tunes, and adjustments on the tru boost. Since your considering 7lbs your zl1 pump should be pretty good and the kit comes with 60lb injectors vs 52lb in many other kits. But its up to your tuner if he feels your fuel system is lacking. I can't stress how important your tuner is, bad tuners can wreak a stock engine. I am running just shy of 12 lbs but Ted's tune is keeping it together SO FAR. I would seriously consider tuning through Ted, I believe Tcat also is tuned by Ted. There are other tuners also that can easily handle it but Ted has been great to me. Good luck, don't get to excited though anything above 8 and you'll be looking at dual pumps, injectors, suspension, tires, etc. 7 psi is a good number for a fast daily driver. Because we all know its never fast enough.
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