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Originally Posted by ben3350 View Post
I was in the same situation as you when I got my camaro. My dad had promised me a car if my grades were on point after I finished high school. A camaro was my dream car, but it was just too expensive so things weren't looking up. However, after a full year of looking (yes I looked at cars for a really long time), we ended up seeing a beautiful aqua blue metallic camaro at a toyota dealership. It was a used 2010 2LT. I instantly fell in love. It took a few days after that of talking and convincing but eventually we ended up making a deal where I had to hold a job and contribute to paying off the car with my dad.

So I didn't end up getting my high school graduation car until I was 19 after I had finished my freshman year of college, but it was so worth the wait! That was last summer. Now I've had the car for just a bit over a year.

After all that time, I am ready to start looking at mods and taking it slow. This thread has given me a lot of ideas and inspiration on what to do so thanks for making it and giving us all the details its been really enlightening!
That's awesome! Congrats on getting your dream car! I was originally going to wait to get my Camaro until after my freshmen year of college so that i could save up some more money but once I saw mine at the dealership, my dad ended up getting it early after realizing just how good of a deal it was hopefully you can get some mod ideas, AGM is an awesome color, so it won't be too hard to find some mods that look good

Originally Posted by pierre777 View Post
can't wait to see it finished bro !!
Thanks Pierre! I'm hoping to drop of the Camaro in the next month or so, since its my daily driver it's a hard to figure out a time I can drop it off at the shop I'm SO ready to get this installed
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