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Originally Posted by Lee9710 View Post
Dont know where those numbers came from but my L99 is running 4.7 to 4.9 0-60 times and 13.0 to 13.2 in the 1/4. 5.2 is nowhere close to what I run. The L99 is quicker in the 0-60 by .1 or .2 secs but the LS3 is like .1 or .2 secs faster in the 1/4. I have seen many L99s here beat LS3s at the track. People seem to think because a couple people on here have problems with their L99 that they are all slower. This is not the case. I took an SRT-8 by .3 secs just last week and am going back out there tonight.
Not to get off topic or anything but you should post your time slips for the faster 1/4'd be right near the top if not the fasted with a 13.0!
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