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Originally Posted by Lee9710 View Post
Dont know where those numbers came from but my L99 is running 4.7 to 4.9 0-60 times and 13.0 to 13.2 in the 1/4. 5.2 is nowhere close to what I run. The L99 is quicker in the 0-60 by .1 or .2 secs but the LS3 is like .1 or .2 secs faster in the 1/4. I have seen many L99s here beat LS3s at the track. People seem to think because a couple people on here have problems with their L99 that they are all slower. This is not the case. I took an SRT-8 by .3 secs just last week and am going back out there tonight.

Where are you running your car? Since mine is forever in QC hold .. would love to watch you run yours!
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